13 April 2009

SEO Client Case Study

SEO Client Case Study

" Do you know that most of the websites are not able to climb up the search engine ladder as they lack a very important thing i.e. content?"

Writing for the web is completely different than writing for print or writing an article. It is significant that you plan and structure content carefully so search engines will find and list the Pages in your web site appropriately and as highly as possible. The development of content should be in such manner so that it attracts visitors first then spiders. Because the benefit of optimizing web copy for search engine optimization is that your visitors will quickly find the information they want.
Guru Tips for Content writing:
Step1: Keywords are the holy grail of web copy writing. Pick the right keywords for every page of your site, write your copy around them, and you're nearly guaranteed great search engine placement. But how do you identify those perfect keywords? Research keywords for each section or each group of your website . Each page should have unique set of keywords.
Step2: Increase prominence i.e. Make your keywords first and most important, in your first headline or first sentence.
Step3: Increase proximity i.e. tries to use the inverted pyramid style, the earlier the keywords appear on the page, the higher the page will rank.
Step4: Use headings and subheadings liberally, the rank higher than plain copy. Also from user perspective it is easier to read and understand such formats.
Step5: Use meaningful names for your links, search engine don't like “Click here..” .
Step6: Write for your readers instead for search engines. Only content have a power to increase your website's session rates.
Step7: Take help from your customers, ask your customer or returning visitors for more suggestions to improve quality of your content and to increase target area by focusing on more keywords .
Step8: Get it wrong – Don't forget to include common misspellings of important keywords. Include common misspellings of your company name and products, along with acronyms or abbreviations for technologies and other technical terms when you're completing your list.
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