10 February 2010

Domain Names Choosing Tips

Domain Names Choosing Tips: Select a Good Domain Name

While selecting a domain name to choose, here are some things that we should keep in mind :

1 . Good domain names are the ones which come easily to your mind and have a flow in it. It should ideally be one word domain name or a two-worded one. Though one word domain names are hard to come by, make sure you get a couple of words that are related to your business and have a good flow

2. Avoid hypens in the domain name. Suppose you tell your friends that your website’s name is okay-tata-bye when the fact is you have hyphenated it. When you tell a domain name to someone, it is obvious that that person may write it without hypens.

3. You can choose variations of a domain name if you want to , one of the programs that can help you in this regards is this one

4. If you are marketing to a country rather than US, than it is better to choose a domain name that will go well with that country. This means, if you are selling products to UK, you can go for domain names that end in “uk” or in case of Australi “au” If you are marketing globally then, ‘com’ is good.

5. Stay away from domain names that are tough to sell.

6. Make sure that there are no trademark or other legal disputes that may arise with the domain name that you choose.

7. If you have a quality, popular brand name then it is better to choose a domain name that includes that brand name rather than a generic name. For instance, it is better to include ‘colgate’ in your domain name instead of ‘great toothpaste’.

8. Avoid domain names that are close to domain names that are similar. For instance, if there are already, ‘go trip dot com’ and cleartrip dot com, you would rather do something imaginative like okaytatabyebye dot com.

9. Since you do not have ownership of your domain make sure you are always on the lookout for mails that tell you when your domain name expires, so that you can renew it on time, before your competitor takes it away from you.

contributed by, Abhishek SEO

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