1 February 2010

Keyword Optimization - A Simple 3 Steps Strategy

Keyword optimization is an important function that needs to be performed by anybody wanting to increase their online presence. By strategically placing the right keywords around your site you can easily increase the amount of search engine traffic you attract. Before this is done however you first need to develop a keyword list consisting of words and phrases that are most relevant to the 'theme' of your site.

Upon completion of your keyword list the next step is place certain words or phrases around your website according to their relevancy. By doing so you are making your site more search engine friendly. This will result in your search engine rankings being increased along with your website traffic. Now the question is how to best place your keywords to get you these results.

Let's take a look at a simple 3 step keyword placement strategy you can use that will increase the flow of search engine traffic to your site. 

The Main Page

The keywords you select for use on the main page or home page of your site will be those that reflect the 'broadest' relevancy of the site itself. The overall theme of your site is not necessarily meant to be highly targeted. Your home page is intended to actually attract and funnel your website traffic to more targeted categories and pages within the site itself. For this reason your keyword selection on your main page should be less targeted and broader in nature focusing only on the overall theme.

For instance your site may be marketing landscaping tools therefore you will want your home page and the keywords to focus on the subject in general. You are not trying to promote any particular tool here but rather just make visitors aware the site offers tools in the field of landscaping.

The Category Page

As visitors dig deeper into your website into the various categories you have to offer their focus and yours too will be more defined. Here is where you will choose keywords that are more relevant to the particular categories.

Using the above example of landscaping the category page(s) will focus more on certain aspects of the landscaping field. For instance garden tools, lawn maintenance equipment or tree removal can be found in this area of the website. The keywords you choose here will better reflect these categories and help visitors narrow down their search.

We are now 'deeper' into the website itself therefore the focus is becoming more targeted as should your keywords.

The Merchandise Description

If you are promoting something here is where you 'bring home the bacon' by clearly defining who your target market is with your keywords selection. We are now deeper yet into the website where you are focusing on very specific products with very specific applications.

The keywords you select here will tend to be long tailed keywords that are 'highly targeted' and clearly defined. People responding to your long tail keywords already know what it is they are looking for. These types of people are usually ready to make a purchase otherwise they would not have responded to your keywords!

Using one more time our example of landscaping here is where we display specific tools that serve particular needs. For instance rakes, shovels, tree loppers, or even hedge trimmers will be found in these areas. Obviously there are not too many words you can use to describe these particular tools therefore your keyword selection will be very precise and targeted.

Taking the time to implement simple keyword optimization techniques as we discussed above will increase the amount of search engine traffic you receive. With the proper keyword placement can easily make your site more search engine friendly which will boost your rankings. The net result will be an increase in your website traffic and all without spending one time.
contributed by, ABHISHEK SEO

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