2 August 2010

Google Releases The New And Improved GoogleBot

Google has one of the most wide web site indexes in the World Wide Web. Being the most popular search engine there is today, Google has established itself and set standards for other search engines to try and follow. Company has done this by using one of the most advanced indexing tools in its armoury, the GoogleBot.

The GoogleBot is the company’s web crawler that scours the Internet and inspects the web sites in order to have them ranked according to Google’s standards.
Earlier versions of the GoogleBot had limited functions. It did nothing more than to search and read links and analyze codes in the Web. Google though revealed that the GoogleBot has been upgraded and can now interact with JavaScript. It went so far to declare that the Bot can understand some Java. If what they said was true, indexing and differentiating web sites with rich and quality content would be a whole lot easier.
JavaScript is not a relatively easy thing to understand. And for a bot to be able to do this is very impressive. It is very hard to apply algorithms to a program and ensure that the program will continue to work ad infinitum. These difficult issues though can be eased if GoogleBot can execute JavaScript by itself.
Many analysts credit the Google Caffeine, the newest version of the company’s search index, for this vast improvement on the GoogleBot. With Google Caffeine, searching the Internet is now faster and more comprehensive. In order to do these, upgraded web crawlers would definitely be needed.
The world is now feeling the results that this new and improved GoogleBot provide. Now, many are looking forward at what the world’s largest search engine company will be doing next.

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