5 September 2010

7 Business Networking Facts

Form a network with businesses marketing to the similar objective market as yourself. Learn about one another’s products/services and generate permission based (a customer who is looking forward to being contacted by you) leads for one another.

1. Hold a community marketing forum and invite small business owners to join you in discussing business ideas.
2. Find other business professionals to network with at:
* Chamber of Commerce meetings
* Trade Shows
* Trade Associations
* Industry Events
* Clubs
* Networking Organizations
3. Be selective about who you network with.
4. Meet with your business network partners often.
5. Send your business network partners lots of referrals.
6. Talk with everyone you meet about your business. You’d be surprised how many others are also looking for people to help them increase their business. You also may find businesses with the same target market in places you never would have expected.
7. Creating a business marketing referral network helps generate permission based leads, new marketing ideas and the possibilities for joint advertising campaigns.
contributed by, Abhishek Mishra

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