21 January 2011

Google PageRank Update January 2011

Are you Excited ? Distress? gloomy? fuming? 
 Yes, Google has updated the PageRank you see in the Google Toolbar.
I have several reports at DigitalPoint and WebmasterWorld Forums. As well as there are lots of tweets from webmasters on this topic.
Earlier in this month, close by some periodic reports of a PageRank update but it was not as broad spread at these reports.
As I said, "Google keeps telling them not to worry about PageRank but Search Engine Optimizers don't hear or listen. They think SEO is all about PageRank, when you and I know it has very little to do with PageRank. Especially Toolbar PageRank which is a fictional character used by Google's marketing department."
Anyway, I hope your PageRank in the Toolbar went up or remained the similar. Although it has no instant impact on rankings and is way out of date, many webmasters and Search Engine Optimizers take pride in their Toolbar PageRank.
Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld and DigitalPoint Forums.

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