29 March 2009

WebSite Monitoring

SEO Guru Search Engine Marketing can help you with your website monitoring. Website monitoring from SE Point of View means how your website ranks in the search engines.
Website performance means to check the website’s performance on major search engines. Efforts are done to put your website on the top of major search engines enabling the visibility of your website to increase immensely.
The position of our website will come up and fall down in search engine ranking depending on certain keywords. When optimum promotion efforts are done, websites come on top of search engines. On the other hand websites fall in the search engine rankings when not properly promoted. Low rankings can also be caused by new websites added daily to the search engine index and also due to promotion efforts by competitor’s websites.
It’s very important to check search engine placement so that a keyword analysis can be done. The keywords on a website that are coming on the top of search engines determine the reports that are generated on the basis of the keywords.
Stat counters tools are used to check the traffic on a given website, where it’s coming from, and how many visitors are on the website. This produces a total analysis about the page load, unique visitors, and returning visitors. It also gives an analysis from where keyword traffic is coming from so that the daily traffic reports of unique visitors are made to check the crowds.
SEO GURU search engine marketing helps make website monitoring reports with the aid of stat counter tools which give the true and relevant picture of a website. These reports are sent to clients including visitor’s reports, number of page loads, unique visitors, returning visitors, reference of visitors, and website ranking on various search engines. SEO GURU search engine marketing’s thorough research analysis gives a complete presentation on how the traffic on websites can be increased through certain keywords. It goes through how to position a website on various search engines and efforts to improve performance of a website’s traffic. It also incorporates how to generate more business and yield cost effective results.

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