27 April 2009

What is Stumble Upon?

Comprehensive guide to Stumbleupon:
Stumble Upon your new gateway to get instant traffic to your site.

What is Stumble Upon?
Stumble Upon is a social networking website which allows its members a new way to experience the web. Instead of searching for spicy news or any item on search engines like Bing , Google, Stumble Upon users only have to tag specific personal or professional interests and then ‘channel surf’ the web by simply clicking on a button on Stumble Upon tool bar.

Upon doing so, they will be randomly directed to specific websites which adhere to their lists of interests. Users can then choose to tag the webpage they are on or give it a ‘thumbs up‘ or ‘thumbs down‘ to indicate if they want to see it again.

Users can also use the Stumble Upon toolbar as a form of social bookmarking. By surfing the web and tagging or submitting specific websites, each user can keep track of which websites they like and share it with others.

Why you opt this fantastic service from Stumble Upon?
Stumble Upon is known for its ability to generate massive amounts of traffic to a specific webpage or website that’s been stumbled. If you just wrote a great article or created a website which offered creative and useful content, you’ll want as many eyeballs on it as possible.

Once your website gets stumbled, it’ll usually start to immediately receive visitors from all over the world.

This allows you:
1. Get massive click by targeted visitors which generate rapid exposure for a specific website, brand or concept.

2. Establish a reader base for your blog very quickly.

3. Get instant backlinks from StumbleUpon visitors with websites.

What type of visitors can I get from StumbleUpon?
StumbleUpon is far better then search engine, which offers very targeted traffic that matches keyword searches with the content on your blog. On the other hand, the very nature of Stumble Upon invites open exploration of various websites which are loosely tagged by other users and hence may produce weak targeted traffic with specific characteristics.

How can I ensure repeat visits to my website?
The nature of channel surfing is to assess with one quick look and conclude if the channel is significantly appealing. Similarly, Stumble Upon visitors are people who will evaluate your website instantly and decide to either continue navigating or stumble ahead to the next site.

Stumble Upon users are generally attracted to interesting news, good site design and unique content/concepts. Making sure that these elements are all present can ensure that you receive a thumbs up as well as repeat visits to your website.
Some points you need to consider to improve the rate of repeat visits from Stumble Upon visitors.

Content: Your website should be full of unique content that cannot be digested in one single visit.

§ Ad Saturation: Your website should not have too the hub of advertisements, which makes it look amateurish.

§ Site Design: Your website should be visually appealing, with an attractive site design.

§ Exclusive on-site Materials: Your website should offer tools or in depth material which can only be accessed from your website.

§ Feed/Newsletter Subscription: Your website must significantly ask visitors to subscribe to your blog feed or newsletter for updates.

§ Branding. Your website should have unforgettable branding or an easy to remember URL.

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