2 May 2009

SmS Marketing & Banner Marketing

Text messages or short messaging service (SMS) messages are the messages that people send from their mobile phones.

Text messaging is increasing at an enormous rate. One of the primary reasons behind this growth is that text messaging has become increasingly used as a business tool.

Text messaging enables information to be sent to groups of people quickly and conveniently in much the same way as email, making it an increasing popular e-marketing channel.
Advantages of SMS marketing

* The personal nature of mobile phones make SMS marketing a very powerful tool.

* Most people take their mobile phones everywhere - meaning they can be effective for time sensitive messages.

* People tend to read virtually every text they get - unlike junk mail, spam or adverts which can be ignored.
Potential disadvantages of SMS marketing

* Your message has a maximum 160 characters - not much space to get your message over.

* People respond negatively to unwanted texts. Make sure you have their permission to send them texts and that your SMS marketing complies with privacy and data protection rules.

*People are wary of responding to SMS messages due to an increase in fraudulent messages. Under the E-commerce Regulations you are required to make it clear who the message is from and commercial communications must be clearly recognisable as such. For more information on the E-commerce Regulations, see our guide on e-commerce and the law.

Banner Marketing

Increase traffic to your Web site: Guaranteed!

Drive Guaranteed Traffic to your Web Site with Banner Advertising and promote your web site by displaying your banner to visitors throughout the largest WWW network in the world. Your banner will be displayed until your target amount of visitors is reached. Advertise to the entire network (see below), or target your campaign to specific categories within our network to reach your market segment.
Create your banner ad :

Our graphics department will design a professional banner for your company, based on the campaign and the target market we are reaching.
Submit your banner:

We will place your banner to display on the largest banner network in the world. Our Network includes:

Arts & Humanities  Money & Finance

 Autos Boats & Planes  Movies & Television

 Business  Music & Radio

 Computer & Internet  Non-Profit & Resource Org.

 Culture & Religion  Personal Homepages

 Education & Reference  Pets Home & Garden

 Entertainment & Leisure  Science & Technology

 Games  Shopping & Services

 Health & Fitness  Society & Issues

 Hobbies & Interests  Sports

 Life Family Issues.  Travel

Manage your banner campaign:

You choose the number of visitors you'd like to come to your site by targeting your desired market segment. We'll rotate your banner through out our partners networks, which reaches over 60% of the Internet. Your banner will be displayed until your target amount of visitors is reached!

Track the Results:

We will provide you with weekly detailed tracking information on your campaign.

A prominent placement can take a banner far in the sense of targeting prospects. Recently, one ad company has come up with a banner campaign that consists of ready made 15 standard sized banner ads. These are, as claimed, creatively designed and have endless opportunities for placements, almost endless. The bottom line is that smaller businesses that are short in resources can opt for these pictorial ads for swift rise in the market.
Contributed by, Abhishek SEO

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