27 February 2010

How to Create One-Way Permanent Links for My Website?

If you run a website or operate a business online, then you know the importance of backlinks. Along with a few other factors, backlinks are how the search engines view how valuable your content is. In a very simple way, each backlink is like a vote for your website, and the website with the most votes, gets the best ranking.

1. History of Backlinking
There are many ways to build backlinks and it seems that each week a new method is being promoted as the best way to build links. While the hype may surge and fizzle out, there are a few methods of link building that continue to yield favorable returns.

2. Directory Submissions
Web directories were how the web was once categorized. Early search engines basically operated as a large directory system where people would add their site, choose a category and others could find it by drilling down to the topics they were searching for.

These days, the effectiveness of directory submission is being disputed, however, since it is still perhaps the easiest one-way backlink to get, it is still a good strategy to implement when promoting your website. That being said, not all web directories are created equal.

There are thousands of other directories to submit your site to as well. While you could spend months doing just directory submissions, you should specifically target web directories with high "page rank." You can see the page rank of a site by downloading the Google toolbar and checking the page rank (PR) whenever you visit the site. The directories with the highest page rank often charge an inclusion fee, but once again if you can justify the cost, then it is worth the price of submission.

3. Article Marketing
While trends in backlinking come and go, one method of building one-way links to a site that has remained relatively stable is article marketing. Article marketing, also known as "bum marketing" involves writing articles and submitting them to article directories with backlinks to your site. The power of article directories is that your backlinking efforts can grow exponentially, as article directories often allow other webmasters to syndicate your articles as long as the backlinks stay intact.

As with web directories, there are also thousands of article directories across the web, and the mileage from each one varies.

4. Forum Posting
Forum posting is another avenue for gaining valuable backlinks to your site. With forum posting you have a few opportunities to post your link. The first and most common is in the signature file, a little statement that gets displayed beneath every forum post. The second opportunity is with your profile page, where you can write a little bit about yourself and post a link to your website.

As with article marketing and directory submissions, not all forums are created equal. When posting to forums, you want to find forums related to the topic of your website that also have a high page rank.

Unfortunately, forums with the highest page rank are often the most heavily moderated. To get your backlinks to stick, become an active member of the forum community, answering questions as providing insightful comments. Then, when you add a link to your website, it is not seen as a disturbance.

5. Blog Commenting
Blog commenting is another method, very similar to forum posting. With blog commenting, you post comments on relevant blog posts, and provide a link back to your website.

When blog commenting, you should follow the same guidelines when making forum postings. First, try to make insightful comments on the blog post and do not just randomly add your link to your comment. Both practices will likely get your comment deleted and marked as spam.

If you are able to provide useful information or provide an appreciative comment, then your comment is likely to be published and stay on the site.
contributed by, Abhishek SEO

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