29 September 2010

Blog Marketing Tips

Follow these top 10 blog marketing instructions, and see how effectual your blog can be as a marketing tool.
1. Post to Your Blog at Least in a Week
The mainly important thing concerning using blogs as a web marketing tool, and one another reasons of that the search engines love them, be that they offer usually updated content. If you do not have time to post to your blog at least one in a week, but preferably 2-3 times, per week, then superior not to have a blog at all.
2. Consist of Keywords in Your Blog Posts
Your loom to writing blog posts should be the similar as writing WebPages – just shorter. The SEO policies still apply: pick a strong main keyword and a number of secondary keywords, apply them in your title and description, and distribute them through your content and headlines.
3. Put forward Your Blog to Directories and Search Engines
Make certain to submit both your Blog URL and the RSS feed to Blog directories RSS and authoritative RSS and to search engines. Categorize specialized directories in your niche and submit it there also.
4. Apply your Personal Domain Name
Your blog could be also a subdirectory or page of your website, or a separate domain. But do not be tempted to use one of the free hosted domains if you are grave about your business blog. There’re totally fine for an individual or hobby blog, but don’t reflect a professional enough image for a business.
5. Comment on Other’s Blog
Often search out other blogs who’s related to your blog, and add comments where you have extra relevant information. You can contain a link to useful posts on your blog, if it’s really adding value to the novel author’s post. One of the best blog marketing tips to keep your time is to use Google Alerts to check comments and mentions of your blog, and to find parallel blogs.
6. Be Active in Forums in Your Niche
What online discussion boards or forums do your objective customers use frequently? Choose the most active ones, and join and participate in them. Grow to be a usual, active member- not a shifty spamming dealer-and you may turn into the go to person in your niche. Make a signature with a link to yours blog, but confirm the rules of the forum first to make sure you stay within their guidelines for self promotion.
7. Match Sure Your Blog Look and Feel to Your Website
A business blog be supposed to mirror your business part, so look and feel should match your company website. For your blog to be an effective marketing utensil for your website, the blog and website should come across as a interconnected whole. However, in terms of the quality, a blog can be more personal and more informal even more divisive than your business website.
8. Build Easy for Blog Visitors to Subscribe
Ensure your blog has a RSS subscription selection where it will swiftly catch your visitor’s eye. contain the blogs RSS subscription on your website homepage also. And do not forget to include social bookmarks like MySpace, Stumbleupon, Technorati, del.icio.us, Facebook etc.
9. Post a Press Release Announcing Your Blog
If you’re just launching your blog, Or have extra remarkable post, why not issue a press release included a link to the your blog and mention of a above all interesting post? Remember the fair rule of press releases though- You need to have something unique and remarkable to say. The press release of yet another internet marketing blog is likely to arouse a yawn.  Unless you can come up with a new position or turn on why your blog is different.
10. Use Twitter to Announce New Blog Posts
In last of our blog marketing tips: make valuable use of Twitter. It can be a valuable medium to dig up the word out there about your blog, if you use it scarcely for mostly remarkable posts. Do not just join the matching tweet out there about your blog every few hours..! That will just get you un-followed. Bring up a particularly interesting post with a hook and then contain the link. Or make it a question to obtain some discussion from your followers.
contributed by, ABHISHEK MISHRA 


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