26 September 2010

How to Remove Cache Links and Unwanted URLs

Generally, everybody wants their websites to be highly visible and seen right at the top of the popular search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.). But, if you want your website pages or URLs removed in view of certain information you thought was private and not to be viewed by the public, including through cache links, the following tips could help you to do just that:

To remove your private website content from Google search results, take the website content out from the web or hunk it from search engines. Remove the entire URL and your website completely, as absorbed below:
    * If the website is owned by you, type the command “cache” and your URL (cache:www. example.com) in the Google search tool box and the next time the spider crawls your site, the cached page would be removed.
    * If the site is not owned by you, you have to contact the webmaster of the site and appeal removal. Once some changes have been made, you can request for the removal of the content appearing again as cache copy.
Crawling and Indexing
In order to prevent Google or any other entity from making cache links of your site, you should follow the tips given below:
Set up a User name and a password to view a page. Since search engine spiders are not able to log on to a page, it is also not possible for spiders to index the page and get into a cached link. In order to remove a link that has already been indexed in a cached list, use the Google webmaster tool to send a request. This is how you do it:
Log on to Google Webmaster tools and click on Tools then Click on “Remove URL” after that  Next, click on “new removal request” then Enter the cached URL you wish to remove.
contributed by, ABHISHEK MISHRA

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