8 March 2011

Domain Parking Practices

There are lots of ways by which you can make funds on the net & domain parking is one of the simple ways. You can park your domain while you are building your site. This is an efficient way to set your site while it is being built & also avoid disappointing your visitors while site is being built. There's some domain owners who park their domain & do not create their site, with funds being their main motive. Companies can also make use of domain parking as one of the choices to divert its net site traffic to another net site if its own.

You require to have the knowledge on what type of domain you could park. Creative & effective thinking & planning can help you to buy domains with this idea & capitalize on them. In case you come up with a brand spanking new idea & you recognize that there is no domain name ( i.e. with .com) for it, then you can immediately park the domain name & earn from it. On doing so, the probability of that you being approached by anyone who badly needs that name is high, & they may even pay you a immense amount for it. Try filling the landing page with suitable ads or affiliate promotion ads or banners, & it can give you regular income (monetized domain parking). You can also have your web presence by having a page with "under construction" or "coming soon" words on the page. This can help you to park the net page before it is prepared to launch (demonetized domain parking). Never delay much in purchasing a domain name, because by the time you settle on purchasing one, anyone else could possibly have owned that domain name & capitalizing on it already.

Incase you are not looking out to make money, sign up for some affiliate programs, build up a webpage & maintain the page & fill it with commercials. You can also opt to share the profits when you work with some company who can manage it for you.

The domain owner is usually paid depending on the number of links that have been visited (like pay per click), & also how these clicks have been beneficial. The intent of the visitor can be revealed based on the keywords the visitor makes use of for the domain name.

There's lots of companies who do domain parking & related management activities for you. They pay you some percentage of the fees. Some give you a cheap domain registrations & also with some incentives to gear you up to join.

There's numerous domain parking options available for you. Incase you are unable to come up with any catchy phrase, pick some name that is similar to some other company or competitor, which can give you high chances of hits.

You can also pick to opt for expired domain, in the event you require to. As these domains used as sites earlier & expired, still hold on to some inbound links. Such domains on reusing can start with more visitors initially. When the site operators & the search engines remove the earlier available inbound links of the site, the number of visitors can go down gradually.

Note: Domain parking practices is other wise known as domain squatting or cyber squatting to some people and there's companies who charge against individuals who domain park against their brands or brand names which they think about as their sole intellectual properties. ICANN (Web Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) handles complaints regarding domain parking scams.

In the midst of making money, you always need to be cautious, with some people in the market who do unethical business practices. They can go to the extent of redirecting the homepages to the domain that is parked so that people tend to click that domain that is parked. Always be alert with the black hat practices that some people follow to get on the top or make money is a shorter period. Do focus in reading the fine prints since some scams out there can benefit these domain parking company over what they benefit the individuals.
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