1 April 2011

Tools for Local Search

Tools for Local SearchLocal Tools to Save Time
  • MyGeoPosition – Get latitude and logitude of any address
    • Tag videos, images, etc.
    • Easily creates fles
  • GeoRSS – Cheat sheet for geo tagging RSS feeds
    • Official zip code lookup
    • USPS mailing address validation
  • Blumenthals – Raw list of Google categoreis for GLB categories
  • Google Insights – term trends by locations and dates and regions
    • Which terms are trending
    • Relative search volume by location
    • See top related terms
  • UBL.org – Business data submission tool
    • Scrub data
    • Get more listings
    • Affordable
Local tools for competitive analysis
  • LocalSearchToolKit.com – competitive analsis
    • Uncover and emulate common attributes
    • Citation scraper
    • Review scraper
    • Category scraper
  • GetListed.org/default.aspx – industrial strength multi location data confusion tool (best for chains, multi-location businesses)
    • Checks listings on important local sites
    • Sales and reporting tool
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