15 May 2011

Types Of Landing Pages

If you want to start making a good landing page for your website then you should know that there are two types of landing pages. They are referencial and transaction. A referencial page is more of an information provider while transaction is a purchasing portal. Keep on reading for more detailed information on these two. After reading this, you will be able to improve the content of your website.
A referencial page is something that you see on common websites. It focuses on giving customers basic information on a product or a service. Once a customer stumbles on the landing page, he can have the option to navigate through the whole website so he can find the exact information he is looking for. The information provided can either be in the form of written materials, videos or images. It would be helpful if you can’t combine these three to entice your website visitors.

A transaction page is something that allows the customer to register or purchase a product by providing payment information. When a visitor clicks on the link pointing to a transaction page, she is usually ask for personal information in order to being the purchase. Having a transaction page in your site can be helpful in terms of closing a sale.
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