16 August 2009

A Strategy to Multiply Your Online Content

How It Works

Step 1: Twenty Minute Live Ustream Show
I’ve found that my readers love jumping on a live video with me over at Ustream. It’s so much more interactive and for me it’s great because it’s easier then writing. I just come up with a topic related to what I blog about and then talk about it for twenty minutes.

Then during the show they can ask whatever questions they want in the chat box. Which I make sure to answer as I’m going about talking about our topic. The whole time though I’ve got my other computer (or a handheld, a digital recorder) recording my audio during the live stream.

Step 2: Turn Your Audio Into A Podcast
Once you’ve captured that audio from your live stream it’s pretty easy to submit it to any or all of the podcast directories. Then once you have an RSS stream for your audio you can submit to iTunes.

Now if you keep this system consistent people will start to follow along. For example I make sure to do my live stream every Tuesday. Once people know they can count on you to be there they’ll start taking the time out of their day to schedule in your shows.

At this point you’ve now got a weekly live stream and a weekly podcast. Now you just get that audio transcribed and you’ve got an extra blog post.

Step 3: Transcribe Audio Into Article
You can turn those transcribed articles into articles that you submit to article directories, blog posts on your blog, Squidoo lenses, or an email newsletter.

Now you’ve got three content streams out there for people to start picking you up. You’ve really not done much more work either but now you can take advantage of multiple content distribution platforms. Not only do you increase your exposure but now your brand is getting bigger too.

When you brand gets bigger more people tend to start subscribing to hear what you have to say, because branding is credibility.

I don’t have enough time to get into everything you can do with all this new content, but if you get creative there is much more. For example downloading your Ustream videos and then uploading them to video sharing sites. Or now that you have multiple streams of content you can pull in more advertisers for each new content stream… And everyone lies “mo money!”

contributed by, ABHISHEK SEO

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