16 August 2009

Who, What and So What?

When you are writing, what is your first thought?

If it is what you are going to write, I expect that would put you in with the majority.

“Who for” is perhaps a more important part of the equation. Connecting to your audience, bringing them something value, means addressing who they are.

A much overlooked aspect though is “So What?”. What should the reader take away? Where is the benefit? Why should we listen to you?
Look over your recent posts. Is the “So What” clear or are you assuming the reader will be able to work it out?

So often we think the “So What” is plain, but that is making a big assumption. Without benefiting from what you write the reader is unlikely to stick around. If they can’t relate what you write to what they need they are unlikely to perceive any benefit.
Picture a snotty, loud-mouthed brat shouting it after every sentence. “So What So What So What”. That will make you remember that “Because I say so” does not cut it, for the brat or for your non-bratty audience.

Just the facts is not going to work, back up “features and facts” with something meaningful to what matters to your audience right now.

If you offer advice, tell them why they should take it. When offering a service or solution, spell out the benefits in a way that will resonate. If you are warning about a potential problem, tell them the consequences.

My advice is to not only address your readers concerns but also tell them exactly why they should care.

* Why? Because if you do then they are more likely to take your advice.

* So What? Because if they take your advice they are more likely to benefit and therefore value it.

* So What? If they value your advice they are more likely to spend money with you or tell their friends.

* So What? That is where long term growth and value comes from.
And we all want that, right?

contributed by, ABHISHEK SEO

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