18 April 2010

All URL Shorteners Around On The Web

Digg.com allows people to search and share content on the web visit Digg.com

TinyURL.com The original way to shorten long URL's visit TinyURL.com

Doiop.com Creates short URLs for you with a keyword to choose from visit Doiop.com

SnipUrl.com is a URL Shortener visit SnipUrl.com

Snurl.com is a shortening URL used by Snipurl.com visit Snurl.com

TubeUrl.com Lets you find information about any domain on the internet visit TubeUrl.com

SimUrl.com Service that lets you point a short URL to a longer one visit SimUrl.com

BudUrl.com Service for tracking URL referrals and clicks visit BudUrl.com

HopUrl.com is a free link tracking service provider based on the internet visit HopUrl.com

4u2bn.com provides tracking services for internet advertisers. visit 4u2bn.com

W3t.org is free URL Shortener that offers stats & info on the viewers visit W3t.org

Yfrog.com allows people to share videos and pictures on Twitter visit Yfrog.com

Squurl.com locates unused domain names through a search engine visit Squurl.com

Tiny.cc is a URL Shortener visit Tiny.cc

elURL.com is a multi-lingual URL shortener and URL extractor visit elURL.com

Bit.ly is an SEO friendly URL shortening service with statistics visit Bit.ly

LiViHost.com is Hosting & Domain Services Company visit

AltUrl.com URL shortening service offers to shorten any existing URL visit AltUrl.com

Vdirect.com offers services to shorten the long urls visit Vdirect.com

TiddLyUrl.com makes large URLs smaller and more manageable visit

Ye-s.com is a free url shortener service with a browser extension visit Ye-s.com

TinyChat.com is a collection of free chat rooms and video conferences visit TinyChat.com

Is.gd is a great url shortener! visit Is.gd

ShuUrl.com URL shortener allowing you to preview a website before visiting visit ShuUrl.com

w3Tag.com creates shortened URL redirects with identifying tags visit w3Tag.com

IttLy.com is The URL Shortening Service visit IttLy.com

A.gd is one of the shortest URL Shorteners visit A.gd

Krunchd.com is a group URL Shortener visit Krunchd.com

Urly.at Offers free URL shortener services visit Urly.at

kAzog.com turning long complicated urls into short and readable links visit kAzog.com

C-o.in offers free URL sub domains for use as "URL Shorteners" visit C-o.in

Tinyftw.com is a free uniform resource locator address shortening service visit Tinyftw.com

Good-News1.com is a Japanese URL shortener visit Good-News1.com

xeNuth.com is a site, which gives you amazing & exciting information. visit xeNuth.com

Www.to helps cut down the length of long urls visit Www.

T-L-R.co.uk is the private URL shortener from TheLastRomantic.co.uk
visit T-L-R.co.uk

Snipr.com is a URL shortening tool. visit Snipr.com

Shar.es is the URL shortener for ShareThis.com visit Shar.es

L.md is the best tool for URL shortening on the web. visit L.md

Idek.net provides URL shortener services for social media visit

Urlin.it is a free long url shortener visit Urlin.it

cot.ag is the URL shortner for CoTweet.com visit cot.ag

wp.me is the URL shortener for Wordpress.com blogs visit wp.me

Lu2su.net is just another URL Shortener visit Lu2su.net

Tcrn.ch is the URL shortener for TechCrunch.com visit Tcrn.ch

poll.fm is the URL Shortener for Polldaddy.com visit poll.fm

Ping.fm a simple service that updates all your social networks a snap!
visit Ping.fm

u.nu is one of the shortest URL Shorteners visit u.nu

YouTu.be is YouTube's URL shortener. visit YouTu.be

U.nu is one of the shortest URL Shorteners

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