6 June 2010

Organic SEO Legal Guidelines

ORGANIC SEO follows all the legal guidelines set by the Search Engines! Beside this, there are important factors which need to be considered for Organic SEO!!
Following are the important factors of SEO !!!
Site Analysis :- An important and first step which needs to be carefully done because it is the basic foundation and we need to build upon this! Based upon the thorough study on site analysis, a SEO professional should be able to give recommendation if it has any including design and programming platforms!!
Site Navigation :- This plays a vital role in the field of SEO!! A site should have a good navigation structure so that the spiders can be able to navigate the entire site. This helps a lot in Search Engine Rankings!!
Keywords :- This acts as a backbone for SEO!! Choosing the right keywords which best suits your website can drive you the right traffic and customers!! Spending more time in the keyword analysis focusing the apt keywords on your services, products, key features can get you TOP RESULTS !!! It is good to analyze your competitors.
Site Content :- The content of your site should be Search Engine Friendly! If your site has lack of content, a SEO Professional should advise to go for a Search Engine Friendly content which describes your Services/Products in a perfect way...
Meta Tags :- Meta Tags help in a Great Way to achieve the Top Rankings!! Title and description should be neatly framed in favor of both the Search Engines, it should best fit the respective web page’s content/services and also it should be useful to the users !
Image Optimization :- Images used in the entire website should be optimized with ALT tags!!
Site Map :- Every website should have Site Map which is otherwise called “Search Engine Food” which paves the way for the easy and faster indexing of webpages!! The latest invention in Search Engine Optimization is the XML sitemap which is built through Sitemaps.org is commonly used by the three major SE’s Google, Yahoo and MSN!!
Concept of Back Links :- Back Links are one of the most important factors to gain Higher Rankings!! Get quality back links to your website. There are several techniques to increase the back links of a website. Few of then includes, Blogs, RSS Feeds, Directories, Article Submission and the latest concept SMO “(Social Media Optimization)” Make sure which of the files has to be indexed by Search Engines and which are not by using Robots!!
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