10 March 2011

Online Marketing And Future SEO Disciplines

Content Creation- In the past online marketers and site owners have tried to master the art of generating highly relevant content that is keyword targeted. There's been numerous debates about keyword density and position of keywords. As they move in to this social age online marketers and site owners will start generating highly interactive engaging content. In lieu of keyword targeting people will be looking to add ways to encourage readers to share and like their content. There will be debates and studies around the best place to put "Like" buttons and "Tweet This" icons. SEOs will discuss the best content medium to encourage people to share and interact with it socially. Is it text? videos? or possibly infographics.

Link Building- They will see a whole range of new and inventive social building strategies as increasingly weight is being put on these social search engine factors.

In the past link building has been the funds of SEO and to a immense extent it still is. Moving forward "Likes", "Shares" and "Tweets" will start moving in to claim that title of the funds of SEO. People have historicallyin the past developed comprehensive link building campaigns in order to squeeze as much quality link juice as feasible. There's SEO tools all over the net used to analyse and compare competitor links. As the search engines start asking the masses what sites ought to rank people will start strategizing around getting readers to fundamentally vote for their sites which will include "Likes", "Shares" and "Tweets. The major difference here is that you are targeting different people. Link building strategies target other site owners in hope of building a top quality link on their site back to yours. These new social strategies target the masses and fundamentally now everyone whether they are a immense web name or a casual web browser has the ability to select whether or not a site is worthy of high search engine rankings.

As they can see search engines continue to evolve and alter how they do things. As SEOs and online marketers it is our duty to stay on top and in front of what they do in order to optimize sites for high rankings. The important thing to keep in mind is to be flexible and constantly trying new ideas as in the event you stand still in this fierce industry you will get left behind.
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