13 March 2011

SEO Guru- SEO Tips

SEO Guru Blog- SEO Tips
The competition levels are going to be higher than ever online. Net site owners still have a shot at making their site rank higher and revamping it to bring in more traffic with these SEO Guru tips. With SEO, it is feasible to get the desired results, get high quality traffic, convert the traffic to buyers, get better and more backlinks and maintain a nice level of traffic flow. Google is changing constantly about the factors that they think about for rating a web-site and as an SEO professional it would be important to keep up with Google in 2011.
SEO Guru Tips for 2011
In 2011, one of the most important tips would be for the net site owners and website owners to have the right URL structures. Though there's been several rumors that Google does not pay much interest anymore to URL keywords, though experience it is known that it is very important to have keywords in the URL. Over the last few months it's been noticed that the location of keywords in the URL can have a significant impact on the website as far as rating is concerned.

A URL that is search friendly & user friendly an go a lovely long way along with effective SEO efforts. Having a URL that is search friendly can provide a web-site a lovely lift when it comes to rankings. It is possible for you to to have a static address, without dynamic parameters & one which is concise and short. Although the effect seen may not be instant, the right URL structure can provide you a great benefit in the future. On the other hand, a bad structure can pull the site down from its rankings and have a negative impact.

Tips from SEO Guru to improve URL Structure
In order to get the most benefits from SEO and promotion in 2011, given below are a few tips on the way you can improve a URL structure. It would be necessary for you to understand and know the best practices so that you would be able to stand your own against the competition.

i) Plan the hierarchy of your site carefully.

ii) A common mistake is to bury the content deep inside the site. This can be counterproductive. The best thing to do would be to have only very few folders. The important content on the site should not be any more than three folders deep.

iii) Describe the content effectively on the site.

iv) A great way to promote your site and what it is about is by having a clear description. Ensure that the URLs match your page content accurately.

v) Keep the URLs short.

These were a few effective SEO Guru tips that will help your site go a long way in 2011.

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