28 March 2010

RSS and Search Engine Optimization

RSS or "Really Simple Syndication" is exactly what its name suggests - a simple XML way of spreading your name across as well as the first to be informed by your favourite websites. For a long time now you get the information you want by visiting the sites you want. Needless to say this takes a lot of your time and effort. But what if you get all those latest and updated information without going anywhere but right in your feed reader? That is exactly what RSS feeds do.
RSS is one of the best ways you can share headlines and news in a website. It originates in 1997 and was designed by Netscape. RSS feeds help websites in many ways:

Collect and distribute news
Update information
Increase traffic
Reduce your efforts
Save your time

RSS feeds are read using a feed reader that can be desktop based, web based and even mobile based. They normally contain a title, the URL from which you are subscribing and a short description. RSS feeds come to you when you subscribe using a feed reader. It's a great help for both the sender and the receiver of the feeds. If you are a receiver you get a short summary of the news content from that particular website you are subscribing to. And if you are sender you get an opportunity to inform your customers of latest changes in your websites or products.
Promoting your RSS feeds are done more or less the same way you promote your website. There are different ways you can do that effectively:

The title in the feed should contain your main keywords.
The description should attract more visitors to your site.
The text should be an invitation to read the rest of your content.
Keep the text apt and short. Brevity is, after all, the soul of wit.
Categorise the feed into a particular theme. Readers usually subscribe based on themes.
Include any relevant information to contact you in the feed. Trust me, it helps. Subscribe the feed for yourself too. That adds credibility.
When a visitor clicks the link in your website to subscribe make it open in a new window so that they don't move away from your website completely.

A good RSS feed can create business for you in a short time. Make sure it appeals to readers and wait for your sales to go up. You won’t have to wait for long, that’s a bet.

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